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course is designed to provide participants with adequate knowledge of low
voltage systems and power distribution systems. The course covers the following
topics: introduction to power systems and power station system, analysis and
engineering of power systems, solar systems, wind power systems, hydraulic
power systems, Power distribution, power distribution system. Thus, at the end
of the course, participants will learn the skills and knowledge needed for low
voltage distribution technology, which will enable each participant to develop
and build their own confidence as well as their enthusiasm, thereby increasing
their productivity and efficiency at work

What Will I Learn?

  • To introduce participants to the principles and concepts related to low voltage systems.
  • Define the participants on the most important low voltage systems as well as analysis and engineering of power systems, as well as power distribution systems.
  • Enable participants to design and implement work on LV systems.
  • To enable participants to carry out the work of measuring and mathematical calculations of electrical works.
  • Learn how to track problems and breakdowns in electrical systems and circuits.


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