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program focuses on ensuring the commitment to work ethic and job traditions,
which helps to achieve high efficiency in performance and emphasizes loyalty
and job satisfaction (definition, importance, components, indicators, stages of
development) to enable participants to formulate values ​​for positive handling
and support these values ​​in management practices come The importance of
organizational loyalty and its existence will bridge the gap in the
relationship between workers and their organization and reconcile them so that
the relationship prevails in an atmosphere of cooperation, intimacy and

What Will I Learn?

  • Introducing trainees to the concept of functional loyalty and its main types and dimensions.
  • Provide the trainees with the most important elements of job loyalty and clarify the importance of loyalty to the individual and the organization.
  • • Participants' awareness of the most important effects and positive outcomes of achieving job loyalty at the individual and organization levels.
  • Provide participants with the skills and methods of achieving satisfaction and job loyalty through motivation policies and improving working conditions
  • Creative ability to analyze customer figures and the art of dealing with them
  • Identify the value system and ethics to be demonstrated in the job
  • Know the reasons and obligations of increasing the degree of loyalty of the employees of the institution


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