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Planning and scheduling maintenance are considered the first steps required towards achieving the objectives that each maintenance department needs to achieve. But planning and scheduling maintenance does not only need to use project management software to schedule tasks but to ensure that all logistics provide cash assessment in maintenance initiatives. After completion of the proper planning is undertaken to ensure that all work orders are implemented in accordance with a plan consistent with the HSE guidelines and company policies and procedures. This course will discuss different techniques that will help in planning, scheduling, monitoring and control of maintenance.

What Will I Learn?

  • Explain the challenges and objectives facing maintenance organizations today
  • Demonstrate the importance of a system of maintenance requests and the use of techniques to estimate time and task priorities
  • Preparation of preventive maintenance program
  • Apply project management methods to manage key maintenance activities and shutdown
  • Use capital budget techniques to assess capital expenditure for maintenance
  • Understand how to maintain optimal inventory levels for parts to ensure business continuity
  • Prepare KPIs to assess and improve performance in maintenance


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