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The activities of closure and re-operation are high-risk activities that are carried out on a regular basis and have wide methods and significant results.However, many companies do not have specific methodologies and have not trained their employees on the best closure and re-operation applications.This led to a historical gap in guidance and very few books on management of downtime and reboot operations. Unfortunately, many companies believe that this measure can be safely bypassed, but if they are not properly planned and controlled, these companies have serious consequences that could adversely affect the safety and budget of the company and its customers.

What Will I Learn?

  • Schedule shutdown and reboot as part of a comprehensive business performance improvement strategy
  • Build the best team to stop and reboot from available resources
  • Reduce the cost and downtime associated with stopping and rebooting while improving safety performance simultaneously
  • Understand the basic processes, skills and tools needed to perform a distinct stop
  • Use the best discriminating model to analyze performance and explain the most important principles to others and build a detailed methodology according to your specific needs
  • Maximize the benefits of planning and preparation through the proactive planning process
  • Building transformation from A to Z: It is understood to be implemented as a review


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