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Innovation and creativity are one of the basic requirements of
contemporary management, since it is no longer sufficient or even
satisfactory to perform business in organizations of all kinds in
traditional routines because their continuation may lead to the failure
of organizations, in order to ensure their survival and continuity, ,
That is to do things correctly, but must be ambitious beyond that so
that innovation, creativity and innovation are the hallmarks of their

Modern and modern management needs to be modified in the style of
decision-making, improvement and development in the methods and methods
of setting priorities and goals. This can only be done by creating and
creating the appropriate and appropriate organizational climate that
allows creative and creative thinking to emerge, develop and grow.

The subject of innovation in management is relatively modern subjects, and the subject suffers from weakness in management.
Therefore, we have presented this project in the field of innovation
and creativity in order to shed light on this vital and important issue,
which is an important issue in the field of management.

What Will I Learn?

  • The concept of innovation and creativity.
  • Study and analysis of global variables.
  • Creative and innovative time.
  • The nature of change and innovation.
  • Continuity of strategic thinking.
  • Innovation and creativity in organizations.
  • Innovation, creativity and a cycle of continuous improvement of performance.
  • Creative development methods.
  • Obstacles to innovation and strategic thinking.


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