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management is one of the most important services provided by the hospital. This
course is designed to provide trainees with the skills and skills needed to
demonstrate efficient management and work in a variety of jobs in the food
industry and the ability to develop healthy food plans for large groups of
people. This course deals with different topics in the organization and
management of the nutrition services department and its employees, as well as
the planning of meals for patients and the evaluation and development of meals,
in addition to the types of special therapeutic meals and food diets and how to
determine their specifications and distribution methods to patients and workers
and the health conditions to be observed. So that trainees will be introduced
to the definition of healthy food, therapeutic meals, and the mechanism of
ordering meals for patients

What Will I Learn?

  • Introduce participants to concepts related to food and nutrition in hospitals.
  • Learn how to understand the treatment plan as well as determine nutritional goals.
  • Understanding the nutrition system and the role of food care providers.
  • Identify the systems of hospital feeding services as well as food types.
  • Work on counseling and evaluation of food programs as well as identification of nutritional risks.


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