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Management of efficient logistics operations is expressed through
logistics and supply chain management, which plays a vital role in
managing day-to-day operations in global armies and organizations.

Logistics Management and Supply Chain are operations that seek to find
effective systems for the flow of materials and information and to
coordinate the range of activities that include planning and obtaining
material requirements through the role of procurement strategically in
the organization, direction and follow up related to the flow of
materials and their distribution through traffic management in the
organization of transport services and logistics policies In the
management of inventory, control of its components, the role of
information systems in logistics management, the use of computer systems
in the purchase and registration and follow-up inventory.

What Will I Learn?

  • Identify the practical concept of efficient logistics management
  • To acquaint participants with the importance of the supply process and its role in achieving the objectives of the organization
  • Identify the relationship between the concepts of supply and logistics
  • To introduce participants to the importance of logistical support and strategies
  • Define the role and importance of supply and supply and the impact of this on the profitability of the organization
  • Definition of the practical concept of the electronic supply process
  • Enhancing the participants' practical concept of the benefits and principles of the supply chain
  • A description of the role of the purchasing process from an applied perspective within the management of supply and supply
  • To introduce participants to the importance and role of storage as a key station within the supply chain to ensure material flow and return efficiency
  • Enhancing the capabilities and skills of participants in applying marketing and selling concepts as a result of the supply and supply process within the supply chain


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