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The role of the public sector and its traditional approach of slow change is changing. In order for the public sector to cope with rapid change, it takes a look at the meaning of strategic management.
Compared with private sector institutions, the public sector has a very
complex network of stakeholders, partners and clients and their
different expectations.

Apart from that, every sector in the public sector needs to understand
its role in achieving the objectives of the higher interest, which meets
the ambition of competitiveness of that body.

In this course, we will be looking at the elements of the strategic
pyramid in the public sector starting from developing a national vision,
communicating this vision to the stakeholders, developing the correct
key performance indicators to measure success and decision-making in
public policy and cooperating with partners to implement the strategy
through initiatives.

What Will I Learn?

  • Determining the overall structure of the public sector, ambition and the need to build a competitive environment for growth and national prosperity
  • Translating ambition and stakeholder needs into a strategic plan to achieve the cause of establishing the entity itself
  • Implementing the policy development process effectively to achieve the strategic plan
  • Design and manage strategic initiatives and mechanisms of co-operation in the region to implement strategies effectively
  • Take advantage of a practical performance management system to develop and maintain a performance culture


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