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Rapid changes in technology around the world are driving transport
infrastructure managers to develop transport systems that meet current
and future infrastructure requirements.

PMTI is an intensive training course designed specifically to assist
managers responsible for the management and delivery of transportation
infrastructure projects.

Participants will develop their skills and knowledge in all phases of
infrastructure project management such as concept of operations
(CONOPS), project planning, delivery, management of benefits and

This course provides information through groups of group workshops
using global project delivery models. Application of project experiences
and group exercises helps prepare participants for better management
and delivery of infrastructure projects.

The main objective of this course is to broaden the participants’
perspective and to point out the important tools for the successful
management of transportation infrastructure projects.

What Will I Learn?

  • To enhance knowledge of transport infrastructure projects and to enable project managers to successfully achieve implementation goals
  • Explain the vision of the network and the important strategies necessary to achieve the objectives of the project
  • Demonstrate the key aspects of the management of transport infrastructure projects from the concept of operation (CONOPS) to the project delivery and management benefits completion of benefit management
  • Explain the tools that can be used effectively to manage transport projects successfully
  • Gain knowledge of project management principles, best practices and methodologies to achieve results
  • Describe and clarify the importance of project management and assurance processes


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