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The need for the role of Arab managers in inclusive administrative processes has become urgent. To move them from the position of the designated manager to the influential leader to elevate them and move them forward in order to enable them to carry out any new burdens entrusted to them or occupy new leadership positions in the future by strengthening their managerial and behavioral skills and create a balance between these skills to implement the objectives of the institution through To acquaint them with the characteristics of the distinguished director and the modern approaches to administrative development and presentation of some successful leadership experiences, cases, exercises and training films.

What Will I Learn?

  • Define the participants of the nature of the work and the role of the manager and his duties and administrative responsibilities.
  • Review the role of the manager in the system of setting goals, planning and organization of work, and the staff's extraordinary motivational tools.
  • Provide participants with the skill to make the changes required to create a superior working environment, and how to counter change resistance to improve management performance.
  • Developing the participants' skills in dealing with presidents and subordinates and achieving sound working relationships.
  • Providing participants with innovative tools to solve problems and make administrative decisions.


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