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The process of planning for career replacement is an integral part of the tasks performed by the HR department of the company’s administrative department.
It contributes to the development of the professional skills of the
staff, as it has become one of the main activities and tasks that the
head of human resources is required to do.
The latter is also required to draw management’s attention to all career- related issues, in line with the company’s strategy and budget . A company that neglects this aspect of strategic planning will find itself unable to carry out its tasks and may leave without warning some of the main persons working in it.

What Will I Learn?

  • Understanding the basics of career development and succession planning
  • Distinguish between succession management and planning, replacement planning, talent management and human capital management
  • Comparison of human resources that focus on traditional human resource activity that focuses on career planning
  • Explain the role of employee and employer in career development
  • Apply innovative initiatives for career development for companies
  • Evaluation and operation of the effective succession planning program to fill the development gaps in the institution
  • Prepare individual development plans and manage career options
  • Develop replacement plan and succession

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