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Advertising, marketing and communication are the most important means of providing consumers with information about products, services and ideas. This course is designed to provide training from the theoretical and practical aspects of marketing and modern communications. The participants will review many digital and traditional marketing tools and will familiarize themselves with the entire advertising and communication function using a variety of media technologies geared to the success of the campaign.

What Will I Learn?

  • Describe the field of marketing communication and explain the characteristics of successful campaigns (online or without internet)
  • Apply good knowledge of "concepts of events" and strategies to improve brand vision or corporate image
  • Define the principles of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) and how these principles are applied in companies in a way that ensures that messages reach consumers and businesses
  • Apply ideas and skills to manage marketing communication problems and find successful solutions
  • Recognition and application of social media and tactics to increase the return on investment of the marketing campaign


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