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Matlab is a powerful computer program to solve engineering problems in all
engineering disciplines as well as many natural sciences. The program contains
many functions and tools that help solve engineering problems. The course aims
at providing students with the skills and practical knowledge to use the
program during all educational stages and in their career. Students are first
introduced to all the features and basics of the program and also enable them
to build systems in practice that are built after the student understands how
to handle the program and identify its components, including the desktop, and
enable them to deal with matrices and operations, dealing with the types of
digital data, Relational, functions, control operations, algebra, and 2D and 3D
graphics. Students are then moved to a higher level of training to enable them
to analyze data, represent data (in one or two dimensions), represent scattered
data, matrices and cell structures, Fourier transform and Fourier series. In
addition, students will learn to build dynamic systems using integration,
differentiation, differential equations (BVPs, PDEs and DDEs), as well as work
with audio, video and image and create a graphical user interface for these
systems. In order to ensure the achievement of these objectives, the student
must prepare a final draft

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn how to analyze and design Matlab symbols as simple as possible.
  • Learn how to model real problems in the Matlab environment.
  • Learn how to create and develop Matlab projects in a professional way.
  • Learn how to use MATLAB to solve and model complex problems.
  • Learn how to use MATLAB to build and analyze complex systems in a practical way.


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