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This HR course helps motivate staff from this department to start and deliver business correctly by measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of HR functions, measuring results internally and externally, and then designing continuous improvement initiatives. Participants will identify key performance indicators, their characteristics, and how they should be used and presented. More than 50 key performance indicators for human resources will be presented and discussed that can be easily used. Participants will, of course, measure results and take action to improve them and play four major roles as business partners in human resources: the role of strategic partner, management expert, staff officer and agent of change.

What Will I Learn?

  • Defend KPI, HR and demonstrate the role it plays in measuring the effectiveness of HR function
  • Incorporate key KPIs that should be used to measure HR as a function
  • Identify and calculate key performance indicators that should be used to measure the efficiency of financial operations in the area of ​​human resources
  • Design and calculate key formulas for evaluating the financial contribution of the organization's human resources
  • Generate and calculate employee satisfaction index and use it to measure staff morale
  • Explain the job leakage and its types and the different formulas used to calculate it
  • Create and implement a Balanced Score Card for HR


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