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course aims to train participants in the management of medical records in
health care institutions. In addition to helping them manage vital data to
track health care services received by patients in medical offices, clinics,
hospitals and other places. As well as the development of their skills in
documentation in medical records as the link and source of basic information
for health care providers and the role of medical records in improving the
process of medical care provided to patients and the importance of the medical
record from the legal point of view and the need to improve the content and
methods of storage and confidentiality of health information, On applications
and uses of information technology to support and make managerial and medical
decisions in the field of health care. Students are expected after completion
of the course: knowledge of the importance of medical records and their role in
hospitals, organization of the Department of Medical Records and its

What Will I Learn?

  • Developing the knowledge and abilities of participants in the field of medical records and the stages of their development, as well as consolidating the concepts of preserving the medical record and the confidentiality of the information it contains.
  • To define the history and importance of medical records, as well as to identify the hospital information system.
  • The organization of the medical record and its contents, coding, indexing and the international classification of diseases and the development of its stages and divisions.
  • Identify the importance of quality management in the medical records department, as well as identify how and how to preserve the privacy of medical records.


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