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Project is designed to help project managers and employees manage projects by
facilitating the development of the project phase plan, as well as allocating
resources to various project activities and tasks, as well as tracking
progress, budget management and work pressures. In this course, participants
will learn how to plan and manage a range of projects and the steps and tasks
they take, such as meeting deadlines and budgets, as well as identifying and
selecting the right resources. Microsoft Project helps deliver intuitive
experiences and experiences to help deliver more productive results and deliver
better results. Whether you are a good user of Microsoft Project and want to
know the latest updates and features of the new program or you are a new user
or a novice program, this course provides training and practical experience of
the latest versions of Microsoft Project to be able to plan, track and manage

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn to create, update, and manage your business plan and represent it on project plans using Microsoft Project.
  • Create new projects, enter project tasks and activities, create a WBS project division diagram, organize and prioritize tasks, create project constraints and deadlines for activities, as well as customize and organize resources for each activity.
  • Create and work with calendar settings, enter project costs, and customize the program's working environment to suit the nature of the project.
  • Analysis and management of resources and their allocation to activities, whether or not more than actual workload, project baselines, follow-up project progress, budget management, and project reports.


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