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operation of public facilities shall be subject to methods and methods based on
the discretionary authority of the administration. They may be general roads
through direct exploitation or the public institution, and may be in special
ways through the concession contract which becomes the most used means. The
concession contract is one of the special methods in the management of public
utilities , The General Administration, whether centralized or decentralized,
to assign the management of its facilities to another person, and this is at
his expense and his money and of course the obligor of the rights represented
in the financial compensation received by the users of the services and
compensation for damages caused by the actions of the administration The
grantor also has the rights to supervise, follow up and modify the commitment
of its individual will in the interest of the public interest. It also has the
right to sign sanctions as fines and unilateral annulment

What Will I Learn?

  • Negotiations of concession contracts of the public authority
  • Private Sector Privatization Contracts and Successful Implementation Mechanisms
  • International standards for the classification of contracts based on discretionary management
  • Rules for the Formulation of Administrative Privileges
  • Preparation of the contract by international standards


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