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The successive changes in the global environment have resulted in money
and business and the consequent multiplicity and diversity of
activities and processes and their overlap with each other in all
private and public institutions and the governmental sector, which
requires the need to exert more effort from regulators in these
institutions to control and control financial operations.

As a result, the regulatory authorities increased their interest in the
internal financial control of the establishments with their accounting,
financial and operational controls to verify their compliance with the
relevant regulations and laws.

This interest has increased over time, as evidenced by the promulgation
of several laws and standards in the United States and the United
Kingdom, as well as several laws requiring institutions to have
effective internal control systems for accounting, financial and
operational control.

Which has changed the traditional view of internal control and its
evolution into the modern concept of international standards.

What Will I Learn?

  • Audit Strategies in the Light of International Auditing Standards
  • Advanced Strategies for Internal Audit
  • Modern Concepts of Internal Financial Control
  • Use of the analytical examination of the accounts in the audit
  • Advanced strategies in controlling and detecting errors and fraud in the light of international standards
  • Internal Audit Quality Standards

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