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Economic feasibility studies for projects are an important scientific
tool to support investment decision making in uncertain conditions
arising from the existence of many internal and external variables, some
of which can be predicted before they occur, while others can not be
predicted or controlled in the future. The world is like a small village
It is no longer possible to isolate investment projects from what is
happening in different parts of the world from the many events that
affect the performance of projects and the elements of costs and
elements of revenue, and ultimately affect the expected rate of return
At the end of the project’s final life, as determined by the experts’ estimates prior to the establishment of the project.
Therefore, the accuracy and use of modern scientific methods to arrive
at estimates that match the actual reality, but only close to it, and
the degree of deviation from it should be taken into account whenever
possible for the required studies to control the scientific tools

There is no doubt that conducting such studies avoids the investor
spending money in areas that are uncomfortable or not of economic and
social benefit to the individual and society.
It is thus a prudent and cautious tool and a safety valve from descending into useless investment areas.

What Will I Learn?

  • The program aims to provide the participants with a set of scientific knowledge about the feasibility study of the projects and how to finance them in terms of detailed study of the marketing, technical and financial studies of the projects
  • The objective of the program is to provide the participants with a set of practical skills to prepare the feasibility study for the project and to determine the optimal funding structure for the project in line with the nature of the projects by providing actual data for participants of more than one project.
  • Developing the participants' skills in using modern and advanced models and methods to evaluate investments and prepare feasibility studies
  • Provide participants with the basic skills and capabilities for preparing project budgets using the BOT system. Evaluation of capital projects using modern evaluation models
  • Identify the problems of implementation of BOT projects and methods of treatment and overcome them as well as the controls of the implementation of the private sector BOT projects and criteria for the participation of foreign investors for projects BOT system
  • Identifying the main classifications of the assets and the factors influencing the decision to buy and sell the assets and how to prove them in the accounts
  • Participant acquires the skill of handling movements related to fixed assets from amortization, replacement and maintenance and repair of assets in accordance with international standards

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