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Legal writing reflects a world of its own, and just as it is difficult
for anyone who is not a computer expert, for example, to create a
computer program, it is also difficult for anyone who is not a legal
expert to understand how to write or understand the law and is a legal
conversion of legal concepts and vocabulary To terms that are easily
understood by all the most important challenges faced by the man of law.

What Will I Learn?

  • Substantial differences between administrative drafting assets and legal drafting
  • Formulation of administrative procedures and decisions
  • Legal sentence formulation: case, legal provision
  • Legal drafting principles and legal objectives
  • Technical and legal structure of the legal base
  • Identify what should be considered in the formulation, and what should not be done
  • Evaluation and review of the final drafting of legal documents
  • Origins of good legal drafting
  • The application of legal drafting rules and methods in an integrated manner


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