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 a course of modern
methods of planning and administrative follow-up. This course is aimed
at anyone who wishes to enter the field of business management and
oversee the planning and follow-up of administrative work.

is the first step in an administrative process where management
determines what it wants to do, what it should do, where, how and what
resources it needs to complete the work, by setting goals and setting
all the desired policies for achieving them and designing programs And
detail the steps, procedures and rules required in the time frame set in
the light of expectations for the future and factors affecting and
likely, and the importance of planning that the scientific method for
the work in the light of successive steps is the main activity of the
Department as an input to solve various problems,
thinking of the past and the present is based on the stability of the
past and the present and the analysis of the present variables that play
the main and tangible role. Planning can be defined as predicting what
the independent will be with preparing for that future. Poor planning or
lack of planning can make things go randomly And improvised, resulting
in the exploitation of funds as well as the loss of all efforts in vain.

What Will I Learn?

  • · Forecasting and planning methods and tools.
  • · Work on planning the necessary resources and capabilities.
  • · Stages and procedures for preparing detailed plans.
  • · Methods, identification and formulation of objectives for the plan.
  • · Basic requirements for comprehensive planning.
  • · The importance of administrative planning in the administrative process.


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