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The management of modern individuals in contemporary organizations and government and private institutions has been of great importance. The
Department of Modern Personnel played a large role in many modern
organizations and modern administrative and commercial establishments.
management of modern individuals has played a major role in directing
and influencing individuals, leading and training employees as a key
element in organizations and a key component in production and service
is not possible to neglect the management of modern individuals in any
way because of the importance of working individuals, employees and
administrators and to benefit from them in many aspects of material,
moral and business. The management of modern individuals has evolved and
changed from many years to the present time.
and technological developments have contributed to the development of
modern personnel management as well as the development of the functions
and concepts of personnel management.

What Will I Learn?

  • Provide participants with specialized and well-defined knowledge of the principles and principles for the preparation and modification of personnel policies and procedures.
  • Provide participants with a good knowledge of the requirements of international legislation and the relationship of workers and labor relations
  • To provide participants with modern and advanced trends in the field of personnel affairs in recent times.
  • Identify the characteristics of career development and evaluation criteria.
  • Acquiring participants and participants full knowledge of modern methods in developing the role of human resources management and applying the principles of intellectual capital.
  • To provide participants and participants with the modern and sophisticated role of human resource managers in developing the efficiency and effectiveness of organizations.
  • Developing the capacity of the participants in analyzing and interpreting the personnel policies and procedures and indicating the methods of their effectiveness.
  • Identify the modern techniques of the executive steps of the career development process
  • Providing participants with development and development strategies and career enhancement.

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