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Tax accounting is one of the most important areas of government
accounting. The aim is to calculate the financial ratios due by
individuals or companies to be paid to the government. This is called
the government budget. The accounting systems for tax purposes are in
accordance with the state tax laws and regulations. Regulatory and legal
measures to assess the taxation of individuals’ income, property,
business and service, according to the income segments of individuals or
by the business activity of the institution; the method of tax
accounting focuses on tax issues,

Tax payers and planning for the future of tax obligations. The taxpayer
shall be called: “The taxpayer who is obliged to submit the tax return
on income from profit and loss, donations, etc., in a fixed period of
the year so that tax payments can be assessed; Taxation Identification
of the methods of preparing the periodic tax declaration according to
the unified models, which corresponds to the tax laws and submit them on
the specified dates.

What Will I Learn?

  • To introduce participants to contemporary tax systems and their types and bases and rules for imposing each type of tax.
  • Developing the accounting skills of the participants in the field of tax accounting and tax accounting, methods of determining the tax and deductible costs of each type, and the distinction between tax exemption and non-compliance.
  • Participating participants in the skills of tax examination of files, accounts and activities subject to tax.
  • Raising the capacity of participants in the application of value added tax and how to register for VAT purposes.
  • Participating participants in accounting skills on VAT and how to calculate and record them in the books.
  • Developing the skills of the participants in the field of preparing periodic reports and tax returns in the light of the tax regulations and laws and in accordance with the requirements of the tax administration competent to collect the tax.

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