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Develop your knowledge and skills about the various internal regulations related to warehouses, and understand the costs and justifications of storage. You will also be able to prepare storage plans and solve various storage problems, in addition to acquiring the skills of maintaining the security and safety of warehouses and the application of modern technologies in the field of warehouses

What Will I Learn?

  • Recognize the internal organization of the warehouse
  • realize the importance of inventory, storage, costs and justification for maintaining it
  • Prepare stock plan
  • Analyze problems related to receipt, inspection and disposal of items, return, transfer and packaging
  • Classify Stock based on coding and storage locations
  • Maintain the safety and security of staff and warehouse stock
  • Understand the importance of using information technology in the field of warehouses
  • Internal organization of the warehouse
  • Relationship of warehouse with other functions.
  • Functions & duties of warehousing tasks.


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