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The municipal council is considered one of the most important elements of the municipal policy, because it has a clear role in the formulation of policies and plans and the determination of projects in all 

What Will I Learn?

  • Control of the implementation of laws and regulations relating to public health, regulation and buildings, expropriation, temporary seizure of public interest, the division of land, public shops, disturbing restrooms, health and peddlers, and the issuance of special licenses in cooperation with other relevant bodies and other laws and regulations of public municipal facilities
  • Report projects and sites in the affairs of urbanization and beautification of cities, villages, islands, roads, streets and squares and expansion and gardens and landscaping and landscaping and the establishment of systems for advertising and all that leads to the beautification of the city and preserve its splendor
  • Determination of public utility in accordance with the conditions established by the Expropriation and Temporary Expropriation Act
  • Report on the establishment of markets, massacres and burial sites and the development of their own systems
  • Neighborhood and street naming
  • To give an opinion in advance in every obligation or monopoly placed on the exploitation of a public facility within the jurisdiction of the municipality
  • Oversee the procurement and public works related to the municipality and the contracts that entitle the municipality to financial rights or obligations
  • Discussing the budget for the new fiscal year and the final account for the fiscal year ended and approving it before submitting it to the competent authorities
  • To consider the proposals submitted to him by the government or by the members of the council regarding the affairs of the municipality and issue its decisions in these proposals


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