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Speaking on behalf of the institution to the media has become a
necessity that helps the institution to communicate with the masses and
express the exact and all of its plan and objectives and positions of
the developments, and because the media spokesman of the institution is
the link between the institution and the media, the strength of his
performance and enable him to present his ideas effectively and possess
the tools of influence and persuasion necessary, His skills in dealing
with the media and the questions of journalists all paint his image and
the image of his institution to the masses, and many of the media
spokesmen were a curse on their institutions and contributed to
discrediting their performance, and others contributed to build a strong
reputation for their institutions

Perhaps this is not due to their ability to have the skills of media
spokespersons and their media influencing tools … For this purpose,
these programs were designed by Euromatic to help organizations develop
the performance of their speakers and prepare them to be media
spokespersons, and help speakers become stars in the strong expression
of their organizations.

This course aims to develop the skills of the participants in the
personal queens, the full knowledge of the principles and techniques of
speaking, the presentation of effective, dynamic and persuasive
presentations, and the development of effective and convincing
communication skills, dealing with crises, , And aims to increase the
ability to influence and interact with the listening audience, and
improve the mental image of enterprises.

What Will I Learn?

  • To deepen understanding of the media and its tools.
  • Introducing the basics of the interviews and their different methods.
  • Learn how to manage the interview time professionally.
  • Identify the basic rules of language use during the interview.
  • Good preparation and use of interviews for objective objectives.
  • Gain the skill of good preparation for interviews and appearances in the media.
  • Identify the most important tricks and intrigues in interviews and ways to avoid them.
  • Understanding the rules of dealing with different media (television, radio, interviews, conferences, etc.).


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