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The “Risk Analysis Techniques in Internal
Audit” course focuses on deepening the participants’
understanding of the principles, strategic considerations and practices related
to the continued application of strong control and risk management systems.

The course will focus on the key challenges facing
professionals in the area of ​​auditing and risk management in the region, as
well as possible solutions, drawing on good practices at the international
The session will pay attention to the practical applications
and tools used, particularly with regard to the management of fraud and
corruption risks.
In addition, this course will
explore the application of relevant principles and practices in high-risk
areas. The course combines active debate, demonstration of participants’
experiences and practical exercises.

What Will I Learn?

  • Improve the skills of the participants in the field of auditing and internal auditing
  • Recognize the importance of risk-based internal audit
  • Identify the benefits of adopting a risk-based internal audit methodology
  • Ability to apply internal audit based on risk analysis in government departments efficiently and effectively
  • Understand the definition and objectives of internal control
  • Recognize the degree of reasonable warranty
  • Identify internal control components
  • Be able to provide a basis for assessing internal control
  • Identify practical applications of internal control arrangements in the public and private sectors

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