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performance management facilitates the effective implementation of the
strategic and operational objectives of the organization. Since there is a
clear relationship between the use of performance management software and the
improvement of business results and organization. An effective public relations
management system is therefore necessary to manage and evaluate employees,
develop their competencies, improve their organizational performance and
achieve business results. After the end of the training, participants will be
able to identify key concepts related to performance management and will be
able to develop concepts of effective performance management principles and
develop their applications

What Will I Learn?

  • Formulation of performance standards to be achieved by team members
  • Identify activities to be undertaken and performance criteria for these activities
  • Ensure that the specific performance monitoring system is in line with the policies and procedures of the institution
  • Ensure that team members communicate effectively
  • Prepare to review performance
  • Gather the information required to review the performance
  • Conduct performance review meetings


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