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Due to
the continuous progress in all fields, maintenance is considered an important
element that should be taken care of and contribute to the planning, control
and development of maintenance operations and achieve the objectives thereof.
These goals are transformed into a set of sub-goals after they are modified
according to the nature of the maintenance activity, by turning them into a set
of obligations and duties that must be carried out by the maintenance
department within the scope of its responsibilities. Of maintenance personnel
are to contribute to the development of maintenance operations. Euromatic
offers This program is designed to train participants and qualify them to plan,
monitor and monitor maintenance operations and measure the extent to which the
objectives are achieved until it is ascertained that the maintenance work is
done in accordance with the plan in terms of timing, quality or accuracy of
work. It is also necessary to identify and define all the activities
Maintenance management so that the desired objectives can be achieved for

What Will I Learn?

  • Modern methods in the planning and organization of maintenance work
  • Scientific standards for the planning and organization of maintenance work
  • Techniques for organizing and programming maintenance works
  • The use of computer in the planning and scheduling of maintenance work
  • Modern methodologies in the control of the implementation of maintenance work
  • Modern standards in reviewing executive plans for maintenance


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