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The level of staff participation is not only a matter of HR, it is a challenge that increasingly confronts modern institutions. Gallup International has confirmed that 29% of employees only participate effectively in their work, while 55% are not and 16% do not participate effectively at all. There is a huge cost to the non-participating staff of Gallup’s $ 470 billion a year in America alone. The participation and retention of staff has become a priority issue for contemporary institutions that wish to compete in the labor market and generate investment returns.

What Will I Learn?

  • Focusing on the value of employee participation and interaction
  • Take advantage of the ABC Participation Model Lessons (Expectations, Behaviors, and Results)
  • Design, create and apply the culture of participation requirements
  • Evaluate and follow up the impact of employee involvement on business performance
  • Design specific HR practices to increase staff participation rates


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