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The cost of employees in terms of salaries and other benefits is among the largest costs in any company besides the cost of goods sold (cost of sales) and rent and consumption. If you work in a productive company and this cost is part of the cost of the goods sold or part of the operating costs it has a dual effect on you. Addressing and reporting these costs correctly is the key to analysis and decision-making. This course begins with an introduction to human resources, accounting, finance and salaries. The preparation and calculation of salaries, which include the necessary controls and things to be verified in advance, will be taken to ensure that the data is used correctly. This course also promotes knowledge of the appropriate controls and procedures for the flow of work to achieve better efficiency in the department.

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand the functions of human resources, accounting and finance and how to contribute to its success
  • Prepare and review monthly salaries accurately
  • Calculate employees' returns, loans, holidays and end of service benefits
  • Match the payroll and check the supporting documents for payment
  • Preparing monthly and annual salary budgets
  • Designing periodic reports for payroll management and analysis


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