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We live in the information age and are surrounded by a huge amount of information from every direction. It is therefore necessary for any senior management or board to have access to a tool that enables them to access reliable information quickly and efficiently. The inefficiency in the process of retrieving information from several sources in the organization leads to lack of coherence and therefore does not make the desired use. The solution lies in the innovation in the management of reports, although the administrative system of reports is developed by the financial manager or administrative officer in the institution, but that system collects information from different sections and employees of the institution. This course covers the information required to make high-level decisions and how to present this information in a clear and effective report that is easy for senior management to read and use.

What Will I Learn?

  • Prepare an introduction to institutional performance and inform decision makers
  • Emphasize the importance of core performance indicators from different departments in order to measure efficiency
  • Analyzing the state of different institutional aspects and showing the impact of potential changes on performance
  • Determine what "urgent risk reports" and their content should be reported to the Board immediately
  • Provide accounting management of value information not available in the usual financial reports of the Administrative Board
  • Prepare a financial analysis that goes beyond the elements contained in the budget report by including core financial performance indicators


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