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دليل المدرب

دليل المتدرب



باور بوينت


ملف تعريفي


“The soul of the emirate of evil, except what the mercy of my Lord,” it
is not right to leave each person or employee to his internal control
only, if the reconciliation of conscience, reconciliation work, and that
spoiled, spoiled his work and management in its entirety.

Supervision of the employee’s work is a basic guarantee for the proper
functioning of the work in the required manner. The disciplinary penalty
is a penalty for the offending officer from the presidential authority
if the violation is proven in his right. The disciplinary penalty or
penalty, like any administrative decision, must be based on a justified
reason. Is the disciplinary crime that causes the administrative
president to intervene in his authority to cause the employee a penalty
imposed by him for the benefit of the public is the proper functioning
of the work, and the source of the dispute in this respect is to verify
the validity of the acts attributed to the employee, or the legal
adaptation of these acts to impose access, Do you think?

The authority of the administration in this regard is not
discretionary, but is a specific authority within the limits of the law
and is bound by its limitations. The means of verifying the actions
attributed to the employee and the correct description of the act
constituting the crime is the investigation carried out by the
administration in this regard. Connection.

What Will I Learn?

  • Provide the legal operators with practical skills in dealing with investigations.
  • Studying the evidence and proving or denying the charge against the violator and detecting the disciplinary offenses.
  • Defining employee rights and obligations.
  • Develop the skills of writing investigative notes and professional investigation records.
  • Studying and checking the basic features of the irregularities and what are the acts that are considered irregularities.
  • Identify general rules for investigating and practicing practical applications of how to manage an investigation.
  • The combination of theory and practice in disciplinary investigation and knowledge of how to conduct an investigation.
  • Know the disciplinary penalties that may be imposed on the offending employee.
  • To provide the participants with the practical skills - technical or legal - to draft the suits and all the legal notes before the disciplinary court.


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