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course aims at providing the trainees with basic skills and advice on the
principles, practices and techniques of architectural drawings, designed for
those who want to understand the principles and master the basics and
practices, as well as deal with more than just the technical aspects of drawing
by presenting them to the visual language of architecture and encouraging them
On spatial thinking and the question of the built environment

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand the basic principles and concepts of geometric drawing (components, sections, projections, and graphing).
  • Develop and improve visualization skills, visualization and application of basic principles which include accuracy, speed, and time management.
  • Recognize the importance of engineering drawings as a means of communicating ideas in engineering fields.
  • To introduce students to the different concepts of engineering works such as dimensions and standards to enable them to become effective and professional.
  • Provide students with basic skills to be present in the field of engineering drawing.
  • Develop the ability to communicate with others through graphic language as well as the ability to read and interpret engineering drawings created by others.


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