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Business assessments, whether monthly, quarterly or annual, internal or
external, to the divisions of the organization or organization as a
whole can be very unproductive or productive.

Successful evaluations lead to important discussions on strategic
directions, unexploited development potential and opportunities, leading
to great results.

This course will focus on such assessments and is best suited to the
most influential people and has the ability to discuss the progress of
strategic initiatives and business challenges with credibility and
transparency as well as to take advantage of the past and determine the
desired future.

This three-day course is based on pure practical material where
participants get the opportunity to interact and participate through a
number of exciting commercial situations, exposure to stunning
techniques and strategic assessments.

What Will I Learn?

  • Defend the importance of the role of business evaluation
  • Describe what is going on in the business assessments process
  • Explain the framework of business assessments from five perspectives 5Ps
  • Participate in the production and delivery of business assessments
  • Dealing with the challenges associated with business partnerships


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