Training Package In Procedures of Stocktaking of Warehouses &Custodies – Matrial Drive


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Develop your knowledge and skills about stocktaking of warehouses & custodies by understanding the concept of the stocktaking, its importance, objectives and types. You will also be able to apply the stocktaking procedures, analyze, and evaluate its results

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand changes in management's approach to materials and warehouses
  • Understand the concept of inventory and its components and types and understanding of the concept of storage and importance and the relationship of stocktaking
  • Understanding of the relationship between the application of classification systems and the coding of items with stocktaking
  • Understand the concept of materials stocktaking and its objectives and importance
  • Determine the most important stocktaking types and be able to apply them
  • Understand requirements of effective stocktaking
  • Identify causes of stocktaking differences and follow proper procedures if it exist
  • Know the most important stocktaking reports and understand their importance and deal with them
  • Analyze and evaluate stocktaking results
  • Evaluate inventory


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