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This course will highlight the planning of the procurement process so
as to meet the deadline for delivery or final completion ideal or
required, as well as the risks that may be encountered in the
preparation of tender documents and determine the minimum qualifications
required of exhibitors and the risks involved in selecting elements of
evaluation of offers Best or lowest price).

The session will also address the risks involved in the decision of the
entity to choose the method of competition and to choose the type and
terms of the contract.

As well as how to use the appropriate tools to mitigate the risks of
increased costs, lack of quality performance or decisions to proceed
with approval of changes in the scope of the contract and / or avoid
extending the execution period and delay in delivery times.
And the development of an integrated system of contract management procedures to deal in a timely manner with potential risks.

What Will I Learn?

  • Depth study of the process of negotiation of contracts and documents relating to that phase
  • Study of supply contracts and how to manage the operations of contracts and how to conclude them
  • Modern purchasing skills and the importance of the procurement function of the organization
  • Knowledge of the legal basis for the selection of sources of procurement and supply and skills as well as how to obtain information about potential suppliers
  • Skills of determining the economic quantity of the purchase and the appropriate price of the purchase
  • The skills and methods of managing tenders and their implementation by following specific steps and distinctly enables departments to choose the most suitable contractor in the supply contracts
  • Provide participants with the skills of preparing tenders, tenders and specifications
  • Detailed steps for bidding systems and detailed procedures
  • Familiarity with the rules of evaluation of tenders and analysis of bids submitted for tender
  • Gain best practice in procurement and contract management


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