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There is no doubt that the seven methods of procurement and the
procedures that go through the stage of bidding in the public tender and
other methods of contracting to purchase movables or business contracts
as well as transport contracts and receive services and works of art
and consulting studies … and the management of procurement from

All these include legal aspects that clearly show their value when
there are differences or contradictions in the stages of the process,
the subject of the contract starting from the stage of preparation of
the specifications and the tender process and the tender process in
general or limited or practice both general and limited and other
methods of contracting and then the substantive points related to The
practical procedures and problems that occur in the stage of tender
progress and then open the envelopes and the procedures of extension in
conclusion of the completion of the contract.

For this purpose, whoever works in the field of procurement, whether
internal or external, tenders committees, contracting parties at all
stages, legal and financial specialists in matters of tenders, tenders
and contracting, shall have full knowledge of the legal aspects
encountered in the performance of their work and knowledge of legal
solutions to these aspects and problems in order to avoid liability. .

What Will I Learn?

  • Preparation for tenders and tenders.
  • How to prepare the bid requirements and specifications before tendering.
  • Legal aspects to be taken into account when preparing the bid.
  • Previous pre-trial proceedings on the tendering process.
  • Previous restrictions on the completion of the contract SPV.
  • Study seven contracting methods for the purchase of movable or contractor Owalkhaddmh.
  • Take full account of practical problems and methods of resolving them before and after the completion of the process.


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