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This course is essential for the accounting and finance staff of each company. It covers rules and regulations under IFRS that are combined with the practical knowledge of recording and reporting financial statements. It is a technical accounting course that begins with the financial statements and goes into the details of the accounts. The course also deals with the concepts and the main meaning of the accounts such as “cash and cash equivalents” and “available for sale”

What Will I Learn?

  • Enhance accounting knowledge by learning how to calculate income measurement and recognition
  • Demonstrate the accounting treatment of assets, including long-term assets and intangible assets
  • Explanation of current liabilities, contingencies, long-term liabilities and restrictions
  • Determining share equity transactions, including long-term profits and liabilities
  • The application of accounting for operating leases and capital and how they affect the statement of income and balance sheet
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the laws of the system of accounting changes and errors


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