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Many negotiators tend to waive too much, focus on prices without focusing enough on the exchange of services, so we present this course dealing with these problems and the many other skills and techniques needed to achieve profitable agreements for all parties. This course seeks to provide participants with the knowledge to identify, select and implement effective negotiation strategies, as well as successful approaches to how to respond to each other’s negotiating practices and plans.

What Will I Learn?

  • Self-assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of negotiating skill and knowledge at the other end, in an effort to improve the outcome of negotiations
  • Identify weaknesses in understanding and prepare a good negotiating plan
  • Mastering the sales negotiation process to achieve sustainable, long-term and profitable agreements for all parties in a timely manner
  • Use a variety of skills to participate in successful negotiations
  • Applying the management practices of concessions that guarantee the least losses while maintaining good relations between the negotiating parties


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