Training Package In Professional Diploma in Legislative Drafting – Matrial Drive


دليل المدرب

دليل المتدرب



باور بوينت


ملف تعريفي


This program aims at promoting and developing the concepts of good
legislative drafting, developing the quality and quality of laws, in
addition to developing the legal drafting skills of legal and legal
department employees in ministries and government departments to improve
the level of legislative drafting and improve their performance on the
ground. Common to good legislative drafting principles; and promoting
transparency and good governance.

The training program covers technical rules and legislative drafting
techniques with practical training in such a way as to enable
participants to acquire professional legislative drafting skills, to
enable participants to express legal language, to familiarize
participants with the drafting principles and quality standards against
which the legislative formulation should be assessed.

What Will I Learn?

  • How to analyze the legal text
  • Legal research and the importance of legal adaptation and how to do it
  • Legal drafting principles and legal objectives
  • Legislative drafting of laws and regulations
  • Legislative drafting of decisions, regulations and circulars
  • Technical and legal structure of the legal base
  • Use of the most famous legal formulations in the Arabic language
  • Application of rules and methods of legal interpretation
  • Practical training in legal and legislative drafting


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