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The focus has recently been on planning and financial analysis and analysts and financial analysts are expected to use appropriate tools to help them provide information and analysis reports that support senior management in decision-making processes. Financial experts must provide reliable budgeting, forecasting, budgeting, forecasting, planning and financial analysis by the Association of Financial Professionals (AFP), an accredited organization for financial planning and analysis of companies and obtaining their accreditation is a valuable investment. The accreditation consists of a two-part online exam, so this course provides an overview of the basic concepts that will help you pass the exam and get that outstanding accreditation.

What Will I Learn?

  • Identify appropriate sources to gather information about companies and their area of ​​business and apply the basic concepts of macroeconomics and strategic planning
  • Define the basic financial concepts of the macro economy and determine the types of budgets
  • Conduct financial analysis, analyze variances and extract information from results
  • Development of financial projections and assessment of capital and investment expenses and conduct an analysis (what if)
  • Use the functions of advanced accounting software such as: searching for values, pivots and macros, value lookup, pivot tables, macros etc.
  • Application of accounting rules
  • Analytical skills


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