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Microsoft Project is a Microsoft program that manages projects in a systematic and organized way that reflects your performance and production. It equates simple project management with cross-cutting and complex projects. It allows the user to schedule and track all project activities and deal with all components and components. The program starts its work by accepting all the data of the management of your next project from resources of all kinds, whether human resources, equipment or otherwise. The program then begins to give you a very advanced ability to use and handle the tasks that suit you. As for the integration of resources and tasks, there is nothing wrong with the allocation. The process of dealing with the project is normal until we reach the possibilities of project management in general and identify the status of each project, and the program has advanced tools to solve most of the problems faced by the user of the project management programs.

What Will I Learn?

  • Section 1: Starting with Microsoft Project
  • Section II: Task Scheduling
  • Section III: Appropriation of resources and costs
  • Section 4: Review and Publication of the Project
  • Section 5: Tracking and analyzing the progress of the project
  • Section 6: Coordination, Organization and Joint Statements
  • Section 7: Use and customize display elements

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