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If the requirements of the principle of the rule of law necessitated
the organization of the means necessary to ensure the respect of the
public bodies of the laws and then the organization of these means to
recognize the right of the parties to deal with these bodies before a
judge specialized in the mandate of the consideration of all their
actions if there is doubt about its legitimacy, the authorities and
public bodies There is no doubt that the rules governing the links of
private law should be reconsidered when trying to apply them to public
law bonds. Otherwise, the special nature of this category of ties would
be wasted,
Results are unacceptable, and here comes the role of the administrative judiciary and the privacy of its disputes.

What Will I Learn?

  • Know the special rules in administrative litigation
  • How to analyze legally produced facts
  • Legal research and the importance of legal adaptation and how to do it
  • Application of rules and methods for drafting legal memoranda
  • The difference between subject analysis and text analysis
  • Form and composition of legal notes
  • Arranging facts and legal evidence
  • Rules of persuasion and arrangement of legal evidence
  • Practical training in prosecution and defense skills in administrative cases


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