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PR professionals must be willing to use their skills to provide a positive image of the institution at all times. They must be ready to respond quickly to any crisis that may arise.
If the right effort is made to build a reliable reputation during good
times, your business will be able to withstand the negative press in the
event of a crisis.

Participants in this course will understand their role as public
relations professionals, acquire verbal and written communication
techniques and will be able to assess crises and deal with the media to
enhance the organization’s reputation.

What Will I Learn?

  • Analysis and evaluation of the latest public relations concepts and strategies in different environments and situations.
  • Evaluate a number of public relations methods and approaches that fit the environments in which organizations operate in general.
  • Practicing basic public relations skills in terms of oral and written communication and editing, production and production methods.
  • Identify the most important public information activities and skills in public relations.
  • Activate the presentation and presentation process to the public.
  • Use their PR skills as a promotional tool.


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