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Until recently, the concept of public relations remained captive to a set of cumbersome factors that kept it confined in a tight framework that was nothing more than a receiver and a ceremony for an institution, ending the interests of the guests, keeping them occupied, working visas, arriving, settling, traveling, lunch and dinner and supervising tours for clients or guests. This misconception did not go away from the minds of the collective and cognitive mind until the beginning of the present century, until the concept began to change little by little, until public relations became an effective and effective management of modern administrative thought

What Will I Learn?

  • The overall concept of public relations and its role in building contemporary organizations
  • Strategic planning in the field of public relations
  • The contemporary concept of institutional identity and mental image according to the vision of public relations:
  • Public relations and creativity of the mental image of the institution
  • Strategies for using international communication mechanisms
  • History of International Relations
  • International relations and effective international communication

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