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Companies and industries are witnessing a radical change in the way they operate and serve their customers.
Many of them undergo radical and transformative change, adopting new
business models that are quite different from the way they originally

This happens within a relatively short period of time. If these
companies do not develop, they will quickly disappear from the market or
be acquired by other companies and institutions.

This session prepares leaders and senior management to successfully
deal with new business realities posed by rapid shifts and market

It also allows them to explore new alternatives to their current
business models and provide them with strategic and planning tools to
prepare their organizations for the next journey.

What Will I Learn?

  • Building awareness and understanding about the importance of transformational change
  • Choose a team of key managers and opinion makers who will lead the desired change
  • Stimulating acceptance of the institution towards the overall transformation process
  • Maintain strong and open communication channels around the transformational journey
  • Context and implementation of a strategic plan to implement transformational change


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