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The aim of the course and workshop is to discuss contemporary concepts and trends in purchasing management
, to study the impact of the use of technology and modern techniques in
the development of procurement management, and to discuss the role of
materials management and logistics in improving and improving the
efficiency of procurement management. Several axes are: the basics and
methods of contemporary procurement management through the search of
sources of supply and evaluation of suppliers and the quality of
procurement and methods of control. The second axis deals with inventory planning and control, which deals with investment in inventory and skip
The third axis will deal with the use of technology in procurement management, which deals with the applications of modern technologies in the field of procurement . The fourth axis deals with the human resources in the management of procurement and stores,
clarifying the methods of training and development of procurement
workers and the modern standards and standards for measuring the
performance of employees in procurement and stores.

What Will I Learn?

  • Procurement Function: Concept, Importance, Organization
  • Procurement Systems
  • Procurement Methods and Procedures
  • The economic quantity of the purchase
  • Select the appropriate supply source
  • Qualifying and evaluating suppliers
  • Procurement management according to ISO standards


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