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The nature of the work and the business environment change dramatically every day.
In the past decades, companies with the greatest competitive advantage
have been those that offer the best products, the latest technologies or
the largest in terms of capital.

But now, the most important thing that will enhance the advantage of a
company is the level of its people, where the constant success of work
and the real strategic advantage in those companies that are able to
attract, develop and maintain human talent in the labor market.

What Will I Learn?

  • Develop knowledge about the latest trends in human resources management.
  • Learn the art of writing job specifications, and identify core competencies.
  • Learn how to conduct mentoring programs for new employees.
  • Master the basic skills to deal with compensation and benefits issues.
  • Learn the art of maintaining strong relationships among employees.
  • Gain the necessary capacity to make an effective and fair performance assessment.
  • How to write a job description, and identify the basic competencies required.
  • How to find cadres, to select them and to retain their best using interview methods; to demonstrate the behavioral description.
  • How to put the staff at the right start.
  • How to deal with system rewards and benefits.

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