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course aims at providing participants with the ability to classify the
activities of the institution, managing the risks of the institution,
implementing the requirements of the success of the risk management , Dealing
with challenges and obstacles in risk management, structuring and regulating
risk management, reducing risk, reducing risk impacts, controlling unforeseen
events, implementing control activities, preparing risk reports and
communications, monitoring and reviewing management processes Risk management,
crisis management, risk management and risk management, crisis classification
and diagnosis, and the implementation of different strategies in dealing with

What Will I Learn?

  • To introduce participants to the concept and types of risks, how to manage them, and ways to mitigate them and deal with them.
  • To introduce participants to the general steps to implement risk management and the concepts of external and internal control activities and their importance.
  • Identify the causes of crises and risks and how and strategy to deal with them.
  • Implement the requirements for successful risk management and address challenges and obstacles in risk management.
  • Understand the concept of corporate governance, business rules, and operational risk management tools.
  • Study of the RCSA and risk indicators (KRIs).
  • Identify product and service policies and procedures and the mechanism and methodology for containing product and service risks.


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